Virtual Machine Setup for BPS Development

This is exactly how we setup our VM for development at IBK. We document it here for reference, but you may have details modified to your needs.

For example we use VMware Workstation 9.0.4, but in fact any VM software should work as long as it supports 64 bit Windows.

It is strongly adviced to use a 64-bit Windows 7 edition for development, since that is the main target platform. Windows Server 2008 R2 should do as well.

Set up the VMware virtual machine

Following basic settings are used:

  • 3.5 GB Memory
  • 2 Processors
  • 120 GB Hard Disk (all in one file, do not allocate all at once)

Install Windows 7 and then do all updates available at setup time. After that, disable automatic updates since they can break your development environment or break compatiblity when you need to create patches later for a certain BPS version.

Only run windows update later during development of a new version of BPS and until the version is released. After release don't run any windows updates any more, otherwise there is chance that fixes built later are no longer compatible with the released version.

Tweak Performance

See for details.

Shut down the VM, terminate and go to the VM folder.

Delete obsolete files if present

  • Folder caches
  • *.lck files
  • *.log files

Edit the .vmx file

Add the following lines, or replace the existing settings respectively:

mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE"
scsi0:0.virtualSSD = 1
logging = "FALSE"
MemTrimRate = "0"
sched.mem.pshare.enable = "FALSE"
MemAllowAutoScaleDown = "FALSE"
snapshot.disabled = "TRUE" = "TRUE"
unity.allowCompositingInGuest = "FALSE"
unity.enableLaunchMenu = "FALSE"
unity.showBadges = "FALSE"
unity.showBorders = "FALSE"
unity.wasCapable = "FALSE"


Change machine name to: VMBPS2

Change workgroup to: IBKDEV

Wallpapers (optional)

  • Download the BPS2 Bginfo settings file:
    • Unpack and save settings.bgi to c:\dev\bginfo\
  • Right click on Bginfo.exe, “Create shortcut”
  • Right click on shortcut, “Properties”
    • Target: C:\dev\bginfo\Bginfo.exe settings.bgi /timer:0
  • Doubleclick on shortcut to execute:
    • Unckeck the windows warning for each time the application starts.
    • Confirm the license note.
    • Background should be set now with red BPS2 wallpaper and machine infos.
  • Copy the shortcut to the autostart folder:
    • EN: Start - All Programs - Startup
    • DE: Start - Alle Programme - Autostart
  • Run Windows 7 Logon Background Changer
    • “Choose a folder”
    • c:\dev\bginfo
    • Select red BPS wallpaper, then “Apply”


  • 7-zip: Packing/unpacking tool
    • Download latest from here
    • Install with defaults
  • RapidEE: Environment variables editor
    • Optional
    • Get current release of the installer from here
    • Run RapidEE_setup.exe and install with defaults
    • Right click on desktop icon
      • Settings…
        • Advanced…
          • Check “Run as Administrator”
  • Notepad++: Code editor
    • Download latest from here
    • Install with defaults
  • Agent Ransack: Search tool
    • Download AgentRansack_828.exe from Mythicsoft
    • Install with defaults
  • Doxygen: C++ Documentation generator
    • Get doxygen from here
    • Run doxygen-
    • Install with defaults
  • TortoiseHg: Mercurial source code archiver for Windows
    • Get current release for 64 bit Windows from here.
    • Run tortoisehg-3.3.3-x64.msi and install with Defaults.
    • Reboot
  • MSI Factory: Setup generating tool
    • Not available for free, but trial version available for testing.
    • Get it from Indigo Rose.

Proceed with Developing Environment.

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