Labeler Allergen Emphasizing

Leich und Mehl PAW2000

In the labeler settings the printobjects of type Text have new parameters for the font size and name to be used to emphasize the allergens:

Leich und Mehl PAW2000

If a font size greater than 0 and font is selected, allergens will get highlighted. If the font size is 0 or no font is selected, no allergen emphasizing will happen.

Generic Labeler

Enabling allergen emphasizing in the placeholders is started by a tag {a} and stopped by tag {/a}:

In the packing line configuration highlighting commands can be defined for the whole placeholder, and for each single allergen:

If in this example any allergens are found within a placeholder text, the whole text will be enclosed with html and body tags. Each single allergen will be enclosed in b tags: